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Gatwick Car Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Gatwick Airport Parking FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

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Whether you have a query about your booking, or the parking process at Gatwick Airport, our frequently asked questions are here to help.

Do I need to pay an administration fee to amend or cancel my booking?

You can amend your booking if you wish. For any Gatwick parking, lounge, Premium Security and Premium Passport Control booking, you do not have to pay an administration fee to cancel your booking and will receive a full refund when you cancel at least 24-hours before your arrival time. Within 24-hours of your arrival time you will still not pay an administration fee but you will not receive a refund.
For amendments to your booking, you will also not be charged an administration fee. If there is a difference in price for your amended booking, for example if you move your parking booking to a different arrival date or terminal that is more expensive, you will have to pay that difference.
For both amendments and cancellations, if you choose to amend or cancel over the phone with our call centre, you will be charged a £5.00 administration fee. Alternatively you can amend or cancel for free using the 'Manage Orders' portal on our website.

Do car parking prices differ online and over phone?

The cost of our car parks are the same whether you are booking them online or over the phone, however there is a £5 surcharge when booking via our call centre.

Do you offer any discounts for parking?

Our Summer Special parking option is the most cost-effective option for those travelling for five days or more.

Enjoying an extended winter break? Our fixed priced Valet Winter Special service is just £119 for stays of three weeks or longer – ideal for second home owners.

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How much is parking at Gatwick?

The cost of parking at Gatwick Airport varies by car park and your date of travel.

We recommend booking as early as possible, as this often results in a reduced price and protects you from future fluctuations. Additionally, you can relax, knowing there is a space reserved for you.

If you haven't pre-booked, you can view the roll-up prices for each car park on the appropriate FAQ questions on this page.

How often do parking prices change?

Gatwick car parking prices change daily, similar to the way airlines price their tickets.

We always recommend booking your parking at the time you see a satisfactory price, as there is no guarantee this will be the same the following day.

In addition, prices between terminals may vary, so if you’re looking for a cheaper price and are happy to transfer between terminals, it’s worth checking both options before booking.

What are the prices for Evening Special Parking if i haven't pre-booked?

Evening Special parking is only available to pre-book, at a cost of £20. Customers rolling up to the Short Stay car park without a booking will have to pay the standard Short Stay roll-up price.

Where can I park if I'm picking up or dropping off a passenger at the airport?

You can drop off passengers in the designated drop-odd zones just outside the North and South Terminal buildings. There is a minimum £5 charge for this.

If you’re picking someone up, you can park in the Short Stay car park, this will be charged at the standard roll-up price for the Short Stay car park.

Alternatively, you can use the Long Stay car park for free if your stay doesn’t exceed two hours, although, you will have to allow enough time to take a bus to the terminal building (this takes 5 to 10 minutes for the South Terminal and 7 to 12 minutes for the North Terminal).

Find out more about our passenger collection options.

What are the prices for the Long Stay car park if i haven't pre-booked?

Duration Price
2-24 hours £30.00
Each subsequent day £25.00


What are the prices for the Premium Car Park if I haven't pre-booked?

Up to 30 minutes£6.50
30 minutes - 1 hour£10.30
1-2 hours£15.00
2-3 hours£19.00
3-4 hours£24.50
4-5 hours£29.50
5-6 hours£35.00
6-12 hours£50.00
12-24 hours£55.00
2 days£110.00
Each subsequent day£55.00

What are the prices for the Short Stay car park if i haven't pre-booked?

Up to 30 minutes£5.00
30 minutes - 1 hour£8.00
1-2 hours£13.00
2-3 hours£15.00
3-4 hours£19.00
4-5 hours£22.00
5-6 hours£26.00
6-12 hours£40.00
12-24 hours£45.00
2 days£90.00
Each subsequent day£45.00

What is the cheapest parking option at Gatwick South and North Terminals?

The cheapest parking option at Gatwick South and North Terminals depends on the length of your stay. For drop-offs or collections, the Long Stay car park is free for stays under 2 hours and is a 5 - 10 minute bus ride to the South Terminal and 10 - 12 minutes to the North Terminal.

The best way to ensure the cheapest price possible is to book ahead.

What is the overstay charge?

Overstay charges vary by car park, but are the equivalent to the roll-up rate.

What are the prices for Robotic Parking if i haven't pre-booked?

2-24 hours£25.00
2 days£45.00
3 days£65.00
4 days£85.00
Each subsequent day£20.00
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